Update & Protocols:


The Way Forward

Today we announce the way forward for Free Elements Dance:

This is very exciting news – however this does not signify a return to “normal”. Please read the following safety protocols and guidelines below. All protocols have been made with the upmost safety of students and teachers in mind.

Studio Safety Protocols and Guidelines

1) In studio classes will be limited to 8-10 dancers per class.

2) Teachers will maintain a 6 foot distance from dancers or will wear a mask when physical distancing is not possible. (This is in accordance with recommendations released by the Federal Government: For anyone in an environment where physical distancing is not possible, masks should be worn.)

3) Everyone will sanitize or wash their hands with soap and water before entering the studio. It is recommended to sanitize your hands after leaving the studio as well.

4) Students will not be allowed to touch the studio walls or mirrors to limit the amount of sanitizing that needs to be done between classes.

5) Students will not share snacks, water/drinks, chapstick, make-up

6) Please avoid touching anyone else’s phone and we recommend sanitizing your phone at least once a day!

7) Parents please avoid entering the building when possible to limit traffic and Covid-19 exposure potential.

8) There will be a 15min sanitization window of time between each class. (Studio floors, barres, equipment, door handles, commonly touched surfaces will be wiped down by the instructor)

9) Outdoor foot wear is not to be worn in the studio. Please remove shoes at the entrance. This has always been the rule, but lets stay vigilant.

10) We suggest the dancers use the washroom at home or school before coming to dance and to come wearing their dance clothes when possible to limit use of the bathroom (Dancers will be required to use hand sanitizer before entering the washroom, and after exiting the washroom.)

11) If a dancer is sick please DO NOT bring them to dance. If a dancer develops symptoms at dance, a parent or guardian will be called to take the dancer home ASAP. (We may be purchasing non-contact infrared thermometers to take dancers temperatures before entering the studio. We recommend taking your child’s temperature before sent to school or dance each day. Any dancer with a fever of 100.4°F (38°C) will be asked to stay home.)

12) Any teacher who has symptoms will not teach a class. A sub will be found if possible, or the class will be cancelled.

13) Bring a full water bottle from home to limit the possibility of shared germs from the water cooler, fountain or sink.

14) Any dancer who has recently been outside of Canada, must abstain from coming to dance for 14 days after returning home, until this restriction is lifted provincially.

15) Any guest (someone other than the dancer or parent) to the studio will be asked to sign-in to our guest book, with name, phone number and date for contact tracing if we have a COVID-19 outbreak in our studio.


Since we are running at a smaller class capacity due to COVID-19 fees will be increased. We have yet to release our new tuition rates.